DHI Hair Transplantation

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method has become very popular lately in Turkish clinics. There are several reasons and as Hairneva Hair Transplantation Clinic, who is one of the first clinics who started to apply it actively, we will try to shed light on every aspect of this novel method and try to understand if it really makes any difference.

What is DHI?

DHI method is actually a variation of FUE hair transplantation technique. The extraction process of the hair grafts are exactly the same but the difference starts to kick in when the implantation process begins. In regular FUE hair transplant procedure the hair grafts are extracted from the donor area(back of the head) either with the help of a micro-motor or manually. Afterwards cuts are open with slits on the recipient area and extracted grafts are manually placed inside those cuts with help of specially designed tweezers. In DHI hair transplant procedure, extraction is carried out the same but during the implantation phase special equipment called Choi pens comes to the scene. Designed especially for hair transplant operations, Choi pens give many advantages to the hands of the experts but one needs to go through extensive training to be able to master this method since it requires solo work of the expert throughout the majority of the operation. Yes, that is correct. During FUE hair transplant operations extraction and slit cuts are carried out by the expert but the implantation of the grafts are done by assistant nurses since it lowers the duration of the operation (solo implantation of the grafts may take the duration of the procedure up to 18-20 hours, thus assistant nurses carry out the implantation process during FUE hair transplant operations). In DHI operations both the extraction and implantation is done directly by the expert but as we mentioned above a competent expert that performed DHI hair transplant procedures is a must!

What advantages does it have?

DHI comes with many perks;

1- No need to shave your whole head!

This is a question we get frequently asked and for some patients it is a must. Yes, when hair transplantation is done with DHI method there is no need to shave the whole head. If the patient desires only the donor area goes 0 for the extraction.

Since pinpoint accuracy is possible with Choi pens, original hairs of the patient on the recipient area can stay long and solid to take care of the newly implanted baby hairs!

2- Density at its best

The distance between each graft can be minimized with the help of Choi implanter pens. For patients who need regional hair transplant we always prefer to go with DHI method to get the maximum density we can achieve.

3- Natural Appearance

Compared to FUE method, the angle of the implanted follicles can be adjusted rather easily. Since it is easy to do maneuvers with Choi pens, experts can implant the grafts in accordance with the rest of the original follicles on the area.

4- Fast Recovery

In basic anatomy, the more damage you inflict on an area the bigger trauma you get. Since incisions done with Choi pens are minimal, recovery phase is even quicker compared to the FUE or FUT method. You can get back to your routine immediately!

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