Hair transplant patients are very curious about the answer to the frequently asked question, how long does it take for hair to grow correctly after a hair transplant? To be honest, that’s the hardest thing for hair transplant patients, since most people want instant gratification.

However, the growth time of the hair of the patients after hair transplantation varies according to the preferred technique and the personal characteristics of the patient and takes an average of 6 months. New hair comes out of the transplanted hair follicles within 6 months. In about a year, hair begins to thicken and thicken. Actually this waiting time is not too long to get rid of hair loss and baldness. Generally, recovery time and length of growth after hair transplantation vary according to the individual. Therefore, the details of the surgery should be examined to answer the question of the growth time of the hair.

After the hair transplantation, small wounds are formed and crusted on the hair follicles. This crusting period, which is a normal stage of hair transplantation, takes about 10 days. After shock loss, an average of 2.5 months is needed for the transplanted hair follicles to hold and grow.

After this stage, the transplanted hair follicles grow within 3-4 months and become visible within 6 months. Especially in hair transplantation done with FUE or DHI techniques, all these stages pass easily and pain is not felt. Hair transplanted at the end of the 6th month begins to grow permanently. As of the 10th month, hair growth is much faster. You can reach the imagined aesthetic appearance by shaping the growing hair.

In all these stages, it is very important for the patient to be patient in order for the hair transplantation to be successful. It is necessary to know all the stages of hair transplantation to ensure that this waiting period passes patiently.

PRP treatment applied with FUE or DHI techniques accelerates the growth of the hair follicles.


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