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How soon can I go back to work comfortably?

After hair transplantation with FUE or DHI technique, most of the patients can easily return to work life after 3 days. Apart from shaving the scalp, there is no other problem caused by hair transplantation. 2-3 weeks should be waited for heavy physical activities. Crusting on the scalp falls off in about 15 days.

The transplanted hair falls into a “shock loss” phase after a month. Hair transplanted after 3 to 4 months begins to grow thinly and sparsely. After 4 to 12 months, it becomes thicker and longer.

If you do not want your hair transplantation to be noticed, you can take a rest period of 10-14 days to recover. If you have no concern about being noticed, you can go back to work after 3 days.

Swelling, bruising and crusting especially in the donor area may disturb patients more. You can choose more specific techniques, such as the gold-tipped FUE micro motor technique, to speed up the healing of tissues in the donor area that covers the ear between the ear and the back of the head. With the gold-tipped FUE micro motor technique, the wounds and redness of the skin are reduced and the healing time is shortened to other techniques.

You Can Speed Up Recovery Time

In addition, PRP therapy can be applied in the FUE or DHI technique to accelerate the healing of the scalp and the reduction of irritation. PRP treatment accelerates the healing of the scalp, increases the viability of the hair follicles, lengthens the hair faster and improves the quality of the hair.

As a result, the hair transplantation process has a standard period that must be waited patiently. If the operation is carried out on Wednesday, the day of the surgery can be combined with the weekend if permission is obtained from Thursday to Friday. So you can easily go back to work on Monday. If hair transplantation is to be prepared for important meetings or special occasions, you should allow yourself at least one month for recovery.