PRP Supported Hair Transplant

» PRP Supported Hair Transplant
They are materials extracted from blood in order to renew, repair and strengthen the scalp. After drawing 10-20 ml blood from the patient, red blood cells are separated from blood through special centrifuge and micro-filtering methods, thus rich plasma materials such as thrombocyte (platelet) and white blood cells are obtained. Thrombocytes are activated and release tissue-regenerating elements as soon as they react with a damaged tissue. Therefore, rich materials both help preventing hair loss and shorten the recovery period after hair transplantation.


Your doctor passes the blood drawn from you through necessary stages and injects the PRP obtained to the hair follicles with very fine-point needles. All the procedure is completed within almost 30 minutes. The tissue starts to develop, damaged hair follicles are regenerated and new and strong hair grow out of these follicles in the applied (recipient) area. It is an application which provides quite satisfying results for both men and women. It is recommended to apply after the hair transplantation in order to get the best results from the transplanted hair.

What are the advantages of PRP?

As the product is obtained from the patient’s own blood, it is not possible for the body to reject the material, a disease to be transmitted or some troubles like allergy to arise. Thanks to the content of the product, damage caused by the needle during the application is recovered in a short time. New collagen is produced and new veins are ensured to be developed. Damages in tissues are removed and new tissues start to grow thanks to the growth substances. Also, hormones like vitamins have many nutritive factors and are applied very easily.

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