Who Can Have The Hair Transplantation?

» Who Can Have The Hair Transplantation?

As an answer to this curiosity, there are so many factors that affect success in hair transplant operations. The first of them is the degree of baldness of the person. Also, the quality of hair existing in the donor area is very important.

In addition to all these factors, the surgeon and the team that will perform the operation and the place of operation are also significant.
If all the details and conditions required for a hair transplant operation are suitable, then hair transplantation will be suitable for the person, as well. When the availability of the recipient area and the hair follicles to be transplanted are ensured to be suitable after a specific preliminary stage, the operation is started.

Hair transplantation can be generally applied to every patient having male pattern hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is developed in people with a genetic tendency for hair loss with the effect of testosterone. The cells producing hair around the hair follicles become lifeless in time with the effect of this hormone. Therefore, hair first gets thin, then stops growing and finally falls out completely. For patients with this disease, the hair transplant procedure is the absolute and the most permanent treatment type. At the same time, people who have a burn scar on their hairy scalp as a result of any accident or trauma can have hair transplant in case there is blood circulation found in that area.

For the hair transplant procedure, the form of hair loss rather than age plays a determinative role. The fact that the scalp is visible when looking with bare eyes means that the density of hair in that area has reduced about 50% below the usual ratio. The most effective method of treatment to be applied to the patient in such cases is the hair transplant procedure. In brief, there is no certain age limit for hair transplant operations. The age is in question in terms of whether the hair loss is completed or not. On the other hand, although the male pattern hair loss is a lifetime process, the speed of hair loss slows down after 40. So, it should be known that the hair loss will continue and the patients may need more than one session after people under 40 undergo a hair transplant operation.

Also, people suitable for hair transplantation are those who have sufficient amount of hair at the back and sides of their heads. Both the FUT and FUE techniques can be applied to these people. Another group that is suitable for this kind of hair transplant techniques is people with sufficient amount of healthy hair follicles in chests, legs, etc.. The hair transplant procedure applied to people who are in these conditions is the FUE technique. In the past, while many men are not deemed suitable for the hair transplant procedure, they can now be suitable candidates thanks to the modern techniques developed today. With this technique, large scars formed due to the use of big grafts and unnatural look are replaced by fine scars and natural look due to the use of small grafts. With the new and modern devices developed, everybody with the problem of hair loss are offered the opportunity to have a natural hair look.

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