What should be paid attention before hair transplantation?

Today, hair loss and baldness are no longer an unsolvable problem as before. With hair transplantation, this problem can be solved easily. However, if you do not want to struggle with other troubles while trying to get rid of baldness, you should know about hair transplantation.

In short, there are very important factors that you should be careful about in order to prevent your hair transplant operation from getting worse. We want to tell you about these important factors. In order for your hair transplantation to be successful, you should carefully select the hair transplantation center. The operation should be done by an aesthetic surgeon or dermatologist. This is essential for proper hair design and healthy hair transplantation.

Firstly, the reason for hair loss should be determined

There are many reasons for hair loss. You may need to have a blood test and other health tests to detect. So you can find out if your hair loss is caused by iron, zinc deficiency or hormonal imbalances. Finding the cause of your hair loss and having it treated before hair transplantation will protect your existing hair as well as your overall health. Then you need to research the best hair transplant treatment for you.

You should learn the suitability of hair transplantation for you

If you want hair transplantation, you should be examined by a surgeon who specializes in hair transplantation before surgery. During the examination, you should tell your surgeon if you have medical diseases. You should find out if the hair transplant operation is suitable for you.

You should find out if your existing hair is sufficient for hair transplantation

Before the hair transplantation, the number of hair grafts in the donor area is determined. Between 3.000 and 4.000 hair grafts should be removed from the donor area. If the number of hair grafts to be taken is not determined correctly, the cavities that may occur in the scalp may cause disappointment.

After hair transplantation, hair may fall due to trauma on the scalp. Hair grafts can be damaged and cavities in the scalp may occur due to incorrect hair transplantation or incorrect hair transplantation. It is very important to choose an experienced surgeon and a team to eliminate these risks.

You should follow the advice of your surgeon after the operation

You should not use medicines such as aspirin that have blood reconstitution before and after surgery. You should stay away from sunlight for a few weeks. You should avoid places such as pool, sauna, sea where there is a risk of infection. You should follow the time given by your doctor for heavy exercises. You should follow the instructions given to you especially about hair care and washing.

Remember, hair transplantation is a very serious operation. Therefore, the hair team should be managed by doctors. Choosing teams of aesthetic surgeons or dermatologists increases the success rate of your hair transplant.

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