Haircare tips for the winter

The harsh weather and temperature change of the winter season is the number one enemy of your hair. To protect your hair health and beauty, you should take extra care and care to your hair. So, what should you pay attention to first of all?

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The harsh weather of the winter season dries your hair. In this case, washing the hair too much causes the hair to dry well. Dried hair breaks easily and wears out quickly. Therefore, washing your hair less is one of the first measures you can take. If you have to wash your hair frequently due to traffic, air pollution, conditions of your work life and smoking, then you should prefer warm water. Because washing with hot water causes damage to the protective acid and lipid layer on your scalp and hair.

You should be careful while choosing your hair washing and care products. If you have skin problems that can speed up your hair loss, you should first treat them. You should take care to use hair products recommended by dermatologists.

If you experience intense hair loss, you should see a doctor first. Hair loss may have increased due to other diseases.

Kış Saç Bakımı

Hair health and beauty are related to the diet of the person. Foods containing vitamin E, B, and D are very beneficial for hair health. Biotin, selenium, zinc and methionine are minerals that contribute to hair health. If there is hair breakage and dandruff, there may be a vitamin A deficiency. Hair loss may be due to vitamin B1 or B6 deficiency. Vitamin C activates hair growth and hair pigment. Vitamin B12 is essential for the nutrition of hair follicles. A dermatologist can give you advice on which to use.

You may need to dry your hair with a hair dryer in cold weather. Waiting for the hair to dry on its own in cold weather can cause various health problems. In such cases, you should find a way to minimize the damage done by the hair dryer. You can run your hair dryer at low temperature. Machines and tools used at high temperatures can damage your hair. You should prefer this style of hair styling less. You should take care to shape your hair with natural methods and to use such styling tools only on special days. Other than that, you should use less hair accessories that will over-stretch your hair. Because if your hair is overstretched for a long time, it will break easily. Loose hair weaves or messy hair topknots are healthier.

Having healthy, full, shiny, beautiful hair is what everyone wants. Hair needs special care. In winter, it needs much more care. Remember, hair does not come to neglect.

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