How the hair transplant price is calculated, what affects prices?

Prices are one of the factors that play the most effective role in hair transplantation decision. Although there are many factors that affect prices, the quality of the clinic comes first. The district, city, country where the clinic is located plays an effective role on prices. In addition, the opportunities offered by the clinic and the recognition of the clinic may also affect prices. However, as it varies from clinic to clinic, it depends on the condition of the patient in many different aspects. So, according to which conditions do clinics shape hair transplantation prices?

The main factor in determining the price is what your preferred hair transplant technique is. For example, in many clinics, FUE is more expensive than other techniques because it takes more time and is technically demanding. In some cases, even the price of FUE or DHI reaches almost twice the traditional technique. However, with its short recovery time and more flexible design options, FUE and DHI are much more advantageous for patients.

A piece of skin that contains between 1-5 hairs is called a graft. Most doctors and clinics say that the hair transplantation price varies according to the number of grafts to be transplanted. Yes, pricing is usually done per planted graft. Therefore, prices vary according to the person. A full price is determined after the person’s examination.

For example, according to the above scheme, if the patient included in the III vertex part targets the view in the II part, an average of 2,000 grafts are required. You can calculate the amount you will pay by multiplying this number with the price your clinic sets per graft. Some clinics may have special discounted prices according to the number of grafts.

Finally, we can say that it depends on the doctor who will perform the procedure. According to the doctor’s expertise, the price may be almost half different. The prices of doctors in regions such as Western Europe and North America may be higher than doctors in other countries. However, we recommend that the only criterion to consider for patients who are at the stage of deciding on hair transplantation is not the price. Today, there are many doctors who do bad work even though they are high priced, and vice versa, there are also doctors who offer high quality results at lower prices. You can review the photos before and after the applications to find a clinic and doctor providing stable results.

Although hair transplantation prices do not change much over the years, the quality of the service received changes in return for the price paid. New techniques and high-tech surgical devices, which have increased in recent years, provide surgeons with more convenience and control over microorganisms such as hair. In other words, there is a big difference between today’s yield and yield 10 years ago.

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