It is very important that hair transplantation results in a natural-looking

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Hair transplantation is one of the most demanding types of aesthetic operations. Hair is one of the factors that affect aesthetic appearance and plays an important role in people’s appearance. Hair thinning and loss can seriously change one’s appearance. For this reason, hair loss generally makes people very unhappy. Today, while men suffer most from the problem of hair loss, the problem of hair loss in women is increasing. Especially male pattern hair loss is widespread among women. Those who want to solve the problem of hair loss and baldness may hesitate because they do not have enough information about hair transplantation. As they hesitate, they are late to take advantage of this opportunity offered by plastic surgery.

Does hair transplant look natural?

A hair transplant can achieve a natural-looking successful result when performed by specialists in a fully equipped medical center. The front hair design made by only a plastic surgeon ensures its natural appearance. Since the results of hair transplantation are permanent, it is very important to design the hair correctly. For the natural appearance, the angle of exit of the hair follicles must be correct and the front hairline must be harmonious. The main goal of hair transplantation is to eliminate the abnormal appearance that occurs after hair loss. Hair transplant center and specialist should be chosen correctly in order not to encounter a worse appearance while trying to eliminate baldness.

How to prepare for hair transplantation?

First of all, the selected medical center must be fully equipped. After a properly selected medical center, a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist should undergo a detailed examination. Then hair transplantation needs to be planned in detail. There are many preliminary studies such as evaluating the hair quality of the person before hair transplantation, determining the hair and balding areas, designing the front hair line with photographs and digital designs. Doing these by doctors ensures the success of the results from hair transplantation.

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A good planning is the correct determination of the front hairline. The front hair line is called the line where the forehead and the hair area meet. This line needs to be adjusted symmetrically with the laser pointer device. Only this way, the transplanted hair can have a natural appearance. Again, this line should be formed not with thick hair strands but with thin hair strands. Since thick hair strands will rise just like a wall, it causes an extremely bad appearance.

Hair to be planted in balding areas should generally be taken between two ears. This is because the hair in this area has less structural loss. Therefore, it is preferred to remove the hair to be transplanted from this region.

A good team, good design, correct application is the only way to have natural and permanent hair.

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