Swimming and Using Sauna/Turkish Bath after Hair Transplant Surgery

After a hair transplant, it is important that your hair grafts heal properly. Early disorders of the hair grafts can lead to problems with hair growth and hair density across the board. For this reason, it is important not to expose your scalp to unnecessary stress or to expose the hair grafts to harmful substances. With all of this in mind, it is important that patients avoid swimming until they have been approved by their hair surgeon.

If the hair transplantation is done with FUE or DHI technique, that is, if the hair grafts are removed one by one and without any surgery and transplanted one by one, the crusts on the scalp fall within an average of 15 days. You should wait another 15 days after the crusts on your scalp have fallen. In other words, 3-4 weeks after hair transplantation, you can go to the sea, Turkish bath, and sauna.

Can I go to swim and to sauna/Turkish bath after hair transplant?

However, all of them have very important factors to consider. For example, the most important thing to consider when entering the sea or pool is that your scalp is not exposed to sunlight. You should not go out during the hours when the sun lights are upright, you should always use high protection sunscreen cream. You can wear a swimming cap on your head. If you are at the sea or pool, you should use a hat.

In the beginning, stay in the Turkish bath or sauna for a short time. You should be careful in terms of hygiene, especially by choosing places that you are sure to be sterile.

In traditional techniques such as FUT or microgreft, the time you need to wait is longer. In this type of hair transplant surgery, the time required for the crust on the scalp to fall is about 30 to 45 days. After operations with these techniques, it is necessary to wait for an average of 2 to 3 months to go to activities such as sea, pool, sauna or Turkish bath. It is also very important to protect against sunlight during this time.

You can wait longer for techniques other than FUE or DHI to go to Turkish bath or sauna. Excessively hot air for incision poses a great risk during the recovery period.

If you have the hair transplant done by a specialist surgeon, it provides the most appropriate information about the application of the best hair transplantation technique, the most appropriate hair design for your face, and what you need to pay attention before and after the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will give you the necessary advice and will successfully complete hair transplantation, both in terms of aesthetics and health.

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