Tips for Bushy and Shiny Hair

There are many different causes of hair problems such as hair loss, lifeless and dull appearance. Health hair is found in healthy body. If you have any health problems, this will also affect your hair health. Psychological disorders such as hormones, seasonal changes, diet, skin diseases, genetic diseases and stress are among the factors affecting hair loss. Bushy and shiny hair is what everyone wants. However, in order to have this hair, it is necessary to apply the right care methods.

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It has been proven by researches that stress has a negative effect on hair root. It causes weakening of the hair follicles and hair loss. Hair takes the vitamins and minerals that it needs from its rich diet.

Do not damage your hair while washing it. There are rules to be considered when washing hair. Before applying the shampoo, make sure that your hair is completely wet. Do not pour the shampoo directly into your hair. Pour enough shampoo into your hand and then apply it to your hair. Do not keep your hair with shampoo for too long. Shampoo and rinse with plenty of water for an average of 30-60 seconds, depending on the length and shine of your hair. Also, use warm water instead of hot water to prevent hair from fraying.

Your hair will become dull when you don’t rinse enough. You should not only rinse the shampoo, but also the conditioner or care products you use afterwards. Brush or comb made of plastic material also causes the hair to become dull. You should use materials made from natural materials to prevent your hair from getting electrified and shine. When your hair is wet, you should comb it with a wide tooth comb, and after your hair is dried, you should brush it.

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Gathering your hair in the same way, especially getting it too tight also harms your hair. For this reason, you should change your hairstyle frequently. Using too many blow dryers or hair straighteners also damages your hair.

To have lush and shiny hair, it should be washed as much as the hair need, moisture loss should be prevented, gently combed, and a healthy life should be maintained.

You should not expose your hair to excessive cold in winter and excessive heat in summer. The change in temperature causes damage to both your hair and scalp. You can protect your hair against heat changes with a seasonal dress like hat and scarf.

It recognizes your hair, applies care according to its needs, and if you take the necessary measures, your hair will grow and shine.

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