What is the micro motor device used in hair transplantation?

There are many treatment methods developed to stop and prevent hair loss. Hair loss can be prevented with the treatment methods applied. Thanks to hair transplantation methods, a solution to the problem of hairlessness can be produced. Many tools and devices are used in hair transplantation. The micro motor device used in hair transplantation is an electrical device with special tips that are generally used by dentists. Thanks to the developing technology, it has been turned into a device used in hair transplantation processes. The micro motor device is used to speed up the operation in the hair transplantation process with the FUE technique and to get a much larger number of hair follicles.

Saç ekiminde kullanılan mikromotor cihaz nedir

Faster and more hair grafts can be taken in hair transplants made with the micro motor device, also known as FUE motor. In order not to damage the hair grafts and scalp, the micro motor device should be used by specialists. Use by non-specialists can cause many problems. There are also hair transplantation centers that perform the FUE method manually without using micro motors in order not to damage the hair grafts.

In hair transplantation, the needles of special diameters are applied to the end of the micro motor device. The diameter of these needles varies between 05-07 mm. The micro motor device turns and enters the skin to prevent damage to the hair grafts during hair transplantation. In case there is no hair graft in the head region, it is also used when hair graft is taken from other parts of the body such as chest and arm.

In hair transplantation done with a micro motor device, 90% targeted successful result is achieved. There are no scars on the scalp. Since the hair grafts will be planted at appropriate angles thanks to the micro motor device, the hair grows in the direction of natural output. Thus, image distortion does not occur.

Since the hair transplantation with the micro motor is much faster, the sessions take a short time. The FUE device should be used by an experienced doctor, the speed of rotation should be adjusted very well. If hair transplantation is not applied according to the direction of the grafts, it will damage the hair grafts and hair will not come out of these grafts again. Therefore, much attention should be paid to the choice of clinics and doctors. Successful results can be obtained within 6-8 hours in hair transplantation with micro motor.

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