What should be needed to follow after a hair transplant surgery?


The patient may need to rest for a few hours after hair transplantation. The patient may suffer from a headache or swelling of the scalp. Cold compresses are recommended for painful areas. It is not recommended to drink coffee, alcohol or cigarettes.

A bandage is not applied to the patient’s head after hair transplantation. However, it is recommended to wear a loose hat made of natural materials to protect the scalp from environmental contaminants.

The patient may experience numbness and itching in the transplanted areas during the first few days after surgery. It is a natural sign of the natural process of healing hair grafts after hair transplantation. Forehead swelling may take 2-6 days. A few days after the hair transplantation, the patient is recommended to sleep with an angle of 45 degrees.

Three days after the hair transplant surgery, the hair is washed by specialists in the clinic. It is not allowed to use the hair dryer. However, the scalp can be gently dried with a soft gauze or other sterile material. Washing procedures should be repeated for 14 days after hair transplantation. A few days after the operation, the hair grafts begin to regenerate, regain their vitality and the rooting process begins.

At this stage, you can start washing your hair with a special shampoo and gently dry the transplanted areas. The shells around the implants resulting from the healing processes will spill automatically within 14 days after surgery. It is a normal regenerative process after hair transplantation surgery. You will be informed by your surgeon only about all possible conditions after hair transplantation.

The transplanted hair starts to grow 3 months after surgery. A follicle is in the sleep phase for about 12 weeks, which is due to postoperative shock. When the phase is over, the hair begins to grow and does not fall out. Full hair growth and structure renewal cycle may last 12 months after surgery.

If the hair follicles are transplanted properly, they will grow hair throughout the entire patient’s life. If you want to undergo the highest quality hair transplant surgery without complications and unpleasant surprises, come to HairNeva Hair Transplant.

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